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Gloucester City Homes IP CCTV and RF Data Network Project Overview

Back in 2018, we were awarded the contact to upgrade the CCTV system in a 10-storey building inhabited by elderly residents, and to upgrade the city centre CCTV protection in the streets adjacent to this building in order to provide peace of mind for residents of the local independent living apartment blocks.

All recordings benefited from Cloud recording where authorised GCH staff can access the recorded images using a 2-stage authentication process, while complying with the requirements of GDPR and Ofcom.

Phase 1

The existing analogue CCTV cameras in the 10-storey building were upgraded to IP CCTV cameras and new cameras were also installed to protect access to the lifts.  The existing street cameras will be replaced by bullet cameras and fisheye cameras, each with dedicated power supplies and standby batteries.

Our engineers installed a point-to-point data link between the building and the GCH head office and all images are routed to Cloud managed servers.

Phase 2

Phase 1 was so successful that GCH commissioned the upgrade of the CCTV systems at a nearby car park, two other buildings.

Cameras at the car park and these two buildings were linked to the  Cloud managed recording services through the installation of additional high speed RF data links between these sites, the previous site and head office.

City-wide RF data network

Following the completion of Phase 2 of the project, GCH were achieving internet speeds at the remote sites that were favourable when compared to the internet provision that was being provided by the leased lines being rented at each of the above GCH sites.

We were commissioned to undertake an audit of further sites to determine whether the success of the Phase 1 and Phase 2  could be achieved across Gloucester.  Our tests confirmed that this was possible, and high-speed data links were installed and commissioned across Gloucester.

GCH are now benefiting from the considerable saving in leased line costs with no loss of or internet service or IT functionality across the company,  or for any of the more than 1200 residents.

The roll out of these services across other GCH building across Gloucester is planned for late 2020 and 2021.