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Astron have carried out major system installs, small additions to existing set ups, and fault finding. Their annual servicing is very thorough, any faults are discussed, and solutions agreed with the engineer.

They are open and informative at every stage of the install and their engineers are dedicated and very professional. The work was completed in a timely manner and to a very high standard.

Darren Hill – Health, Safety and Projects Director

Arthur David Food with Service

Having recently updated our alarm system with Astron we couldn’t be happier. The customer support during and after installation has been fantastic, nothing is too much trouble and all our queries – no matter how small – are answered quickly.

Ella C – Homeowner


I am writing to say how pleased we are with the recent installation and upgrade of CCTV cameras to our offices.

It was all handled thoroughly and very efficiently by excellent, friendly, polite and professional engineers. They are a credit to your company.

RA – Director

Bristol and London PLC

The new automatic door you fitted to the main entrance of our building is brilliant.  In a building of 50+ apartments there is inevitably a variety of handicapped residents and visitors. The remote control makes such a difference and I can now gain easy access.

JP – Resident

Mirage, Portishead

We are exceptionally happy with Astron’s performance and the work
that has been carried out


Simon Ridge – Head of Estates

We the Curious

The services Astron provide have been nothing less than first-class; they turn urgent requests for advice into tailored solutions including the review of options and alternatives with cost and qualitative appraisals.

The agreed solutions have been implemented on a fast-track basis including the provision of training on the use of the software and ongoing customer care.

Paul Lowndes – Project Director

Gravity - Former BAE Systems Site

We committed ourselves to Astron to install both fire and intruder systems as they seemed very professional.  On appointing Astron they quickly set the wheels in motion to install the systems.  Simon was very professional in his approach with timescales, and would always update me on the progress of the fit.

Astron has also provided outstanding after care when we have asked various questions about testing the system etc. I would highly recommend Astron to anyone.

SK Horsewell – Operations Manager

Horizon Geosciences Ltd

It is a pleasure to work with a professional company such as Astron, the team provide exceptional service and management of our fire & security systems ensuring continued
compliance and operation.

Ian MacBeth MIWFM – Facilities Manager Hinkley and Sedgmoor

John West (Contractors) Ltd FM

Astron have provided an excellent and professional service, delivering what they say when they say, on time, on budget and with minimal disruption to our guests.

Tim Jones – CEO

Host - Hinkley and Sedgmoor Accomodation

We would highly recommend Astron. They have been professional and friendly at all times. They get the job done and respond immediately to feedback.

The police have caught 4 different people on the basis of the CCTV.

Anna Swift – Manager

The Bristolian Cafe

A recent installation was completed very satisfactorily, to time and within budget. The advice and professionalism shown by Astron Fire and Security personnel was exemplary.

The team worked in a flexible way to accommodate our office and business needs and we would have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Howard Cox – Facilities Operations Officer

Department for Environment, Food and Rural

Our Clients