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Fire Alarms in Your Home

Fire Alarm for your Home or Investment Property

Astron Fire and Security offers a full design, installation, maintenance and 24hr monitoring service to homeowners in Bristol, the South West and South Wales area.  Astron Fire and Security prioritises the safety of people before property and we advise that fire and carbon monoxide detectors are an essential consideration for homes.  Houses of multiple occupancy (HMO) are covered under Fire Alarms for your Business.

If connected to a monitored intruder alarm system, these detectors will signal a fire warning to the Alarm Receiving Centre, which would be effective whether the house was occupied or unoccupied. 

Many factors are included, when assessing residential properties for specifying the required protection, and consideration will be given to fire escape routes and assembly points as well.

A qualified representative of Astron Fire and Security will visit your home, or investment property, to assess your needs and give you factual advice. We can then help you choose the right heat and smoke alarm solutions to protect your property and ensure that you comply with legal requirements.

Takeover of Fire Alarm Systems 

Astron Fire and Security can take over most fire alarm systems, once we have confirmed that these systems are compliant with fire regulations.  

Astron offers a free, no obligation assessment of your existing system.


Astron Fire and Security advises regular fire alarm system maintenance checks, to ensure that your family and home are kept safe.  This would usually be done in conjuction with your regular intruder alarm system maintenance.

Monitoring and Response

It is normally possible to link your fire system to your intruder alarm system, to enable monitoring of any fire alarm detectors.