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CCTV For Your Home

CCTV Security Systems for Homes

Astron Fire and Security is NSI accredited and offers a full design, installation, maintenance and 24hr monitoring service to homeowners in Bristol, the South West and South Wales area.

Your very own Closed Circuit Television system helps you to keep your family and home safe against external and internal threats. By monitoring external and internal areas, a CCTV system can assist you with providing a safe environment for your family.

Astron's professionally designed systems are installed to NSI standard and maintained by our professional team of engineers.

Astron has the latest IP Video Surveillance Management Solutions with mega pixel cameras for any application. High resolution cameras can help you keep a keen eye on your home.  Vandal proof cameras with IR night vision allow you to keep an eye on things at night and record events as they happen.

Astron's security professionals can custom design the system to suit your particular requirements and budget.

The information Commissioner's Office (ICO) code of practice provides guidance and advice for CCTV shows users on how to comply with the Data Protection Act and also includes a simple checklist, for users of very limited CCTV systems, where the full provisions of the code would be too detailed.

Your Online Guard

You can receive event notifications to your smartphone or other android devices. With the mobile application installed on your device, you can receive notification within five seconds of the camera picking up an event.  This allows you to view the footage, assess the situation, and take action to minimize the damage.

Takeover of CCTV Systems 

If you have an existing CCTV system in your home and you live in the Bristol or south west area, there is a good chance that it will be possible for us to take over the maintenance and monitoring of your system.

Astron would need to inspect the system to make sure it meets the required standards, but we are happy to carry out a no-obligation assessment.


Astron offers a full maintenance service of CCTV systems, to NSI standards, which meets insurance and police response (if required) criteria.  Your CCTV system will benefit from regular maintenance, ensuring that cameras are kept in good working order and that the quality of recording is upheld.

Monitoring and Response 

Astron can provide remote surveillance of CCTV systems using a wide range of transmission technologies. 

Monitored CCTV systems provide added protection for people and property, allowing for visual verification of what is happening at a site, as well as being a visual deterrent to crime.  The CCTV usually works in conjunction with a monitored intruder system for maximum protection.

Footage can be used as evidence in legal proceedings, which often provides additional peace of mind for property and business owners alike. 

Homeowners that make use of Astron’s innovative apps have the option of linking their alarm system to their CCTV system, in addition to the camera recording motion detection.  Once the digital video recorder has been triggered, clients are immediately emailed notification of the events, which can viewed from anywhere in the world.