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Intruder Alarms for Home

Access Control for Your Home

Astron Fire and Security is NSI accredited and offers a full design, installation, maintenance and 24hr monitoring service to homeowners in Bristol, the South West and South Wales area.

Access Control Systems are used as the first stage of security either via gate automation, or electronic control of the perimeter access door/s, protecting your home from unauthorised access

Access to your property can be controlled by entering a code into a digital keypad at the gate, or from your house using an intercom, your landline or mobile. 

Remote operation is also possible, using a GSM intercom system, which rings a specified call list. This enables you to control access to your home when you are not there; a very useful feature for deliveries or if you are stuck in traffic when your guests arrive!

Takeover of Access Control Systems

If you have an existing Access Control system at your home, there is a good chance that it will be possible for us to take over the maintenance of the system.

This system will have to be of an acceptable quality and installation standard, which we would be able to confirm after inspecting the system.   Astron is happy to do a free, no obligation assessment of your existing system.


Astron Fire and Security can offer you a service and maintenance agreement on new or existing Access Control systems.

Monitoring and Response

Your Access Control systems can be linked to the premises intruder alarm system, which will advise the Alarm Receiving Centre of any unauthorised activations at the site.